Answers to some frequently asked questions

Do I need to bring anything to my first appointment?

If you have completed your medical history form, please bring it with you. If not, please arrive 10 minutes early so that you can complete it prior to your appointment.

If you are on medication, please bring a complete list of everything you are taking.

If you have dental insurance, please bring your plan, identification number and benefits booklet.

Will you accept my insurance plan?

Yes, we accept all insurance plans and can help with your insurance questions. We can also submit your claims directly to your insurance company at time of appointment for faster, more convenient refunds.

Will you submit my insurance claims?

Yes, your dental insurance claims will be submitted via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) directly to your carrier at the time of your appointment for faster, more convenient refunds.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, debit, cheque, VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

Do you offer any payment plans?

We will provide details upon request.

Can you fix my front teeth without braces?

Yes, there are many ways to improve dental appearance without braces. Dr. Burstein will present your most viable options at the time of your appointment.

Will it hurt?

Using local anesthesia, we will always do our best to minimize discomfort and pain. If needed after surgery, any discomfort can be controlled through medication and will disappear in a matter of days.

Should you have any questions not answered here, you are invited to call Dr. Burstein at 416-489-3853 or email him directly at


    All insurance plans accepted.